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Antenatal care

‘Preventive healthcare for pregnant mothers in the form of regular visits, monitoring, advice and treatment when required.’

Every woman, every couple and every pregnancy is unique.

Which is why we tailor antenatal care specifically to you, at this truly special time in your life.

Whether you’re a first time mother-to-be, excited and perhaps a little nervous about it all; having a normal or a high-risk pregnancy, we’ll guide you through this wonderful experience with care and compassion, making it as safe, relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Fully informed antenatal care

You and your partner will be fully informed at all times, allowing you to make the decisions that are right for you along the way. We use the latest technology and equipment, informed by the latest research and best practice methodology, to ensure the highest standard of care possible throughout your pregnancy.

  • Scheduled antenatal care

    We’ll schedule a series of appointment throughout your pregnancy, and if an issue arises at any point, you’ll be seen more frequently until all concerns are addressed. If needs be, we can arrange for you to be admitted to Campbelltown Public Hospital.

  • Specialist antenatal care

    In addition to private, individual antenatal care we can also help you manage complex pregnancies, and monitor foetal growth and wellbeing throughout with regular ultrasounds.