Womens Health Nutrition

As part of our wholistic approach to women’s health services at Nureva, our Integrated Medical Nutrition Therapy program
provides you with exclusive access to our specialist Women’s Health and Fertility Nutritionist to assist you with managing your specific health and fertility concerns through tailored nutritional medicine and nutritional counseling to support a positive relationship with food.

We believe in Intuitive-based eating: using food as medicine…without the yo-yo dieting and food guilt. There is a large evidence base supporting food as a natural
medicinal therapy for the prevention and management of chronic health conditions. However, often times this evidence is misinterpreted and misused to promote unhelpful and potentially harmful food and eating behaviours, in particular diets promoting weight loss.

Intuitive-based eating involves trusting your body to let you know when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat, rather than letting external influences dictate these things (which is what happens when you are following a restrictive diet). Reconnecting with your body’s internal appetite cues can help you improve your relationship with food, move from a place of body discomfort to body comfort or acceptance, be able to enjoy all food without guilt or anxiety, reduce or resolve
non-hungry or binge eating, and to break free from the diet cycling once and for all.

Our specialist Nutritionist can help teach you the skills that will enable you to reconnect with your appetite, reduce non-hungry eating and nourish your body with a wide range of foods all the while taking into consideration your current health or fertility concerns, work, social life and family circumstances.

Please see our pamphlet on womens health nutrition.